Shannon Pigram

A multi-talented business leader with an extensive background in HR, Shannon Pigram specialises in organisational learning and development, with a particular interest in employee engagement and talent management.He is currently the global Professional Development Manager at Norman, Disney & Young leading the international learning and organisational development of the company.

Employee Engagement

Shannon Pigram is dedicated to enhancing the performance of people in organisations. Employee engagement is a particular focus for Shannon, as he knows the importance of keeping employees invested in their work.

He wants employees to feel invested in the work of the organisation and appreciated by management. It is his belief that successfully engaging with staff is key to the success of an organisation. By making employees feel connected and inspired, productivity and innovation will be the natural result.

Learning and Business Development

First and foremost, Shannon is an effective leader and communicator. His aim is to promote continued learning amongst employees by developing ground-breaking corporate policies for learning and development.

At Norman, Disney & Young he is responsible for defining the culture of the organisation. By developing learning strategies and programs and implementing leadership initiatives, he shapes the company’s future.

A firm believer in the importance of a corporate culture of education, training and constant improvement, he is genuinely excited about his work. He designs and manages programs to give employees tools to do their jobs effectively and achieve greater productivity through thorough training.

He recognises the power that an organised system of continued education and training can have in shaping a company. That belief is why he is responsible for the company’s international business and employee development programs. With the goal of encouraging productivity, fostering a spirit of innovation and increasing profitability, he has organised innovative nationwide growth and development programs for NDY

Talent Management

Shannon is also skilled in talent management and has worked on a variety of projects both within and outside of his main roles. He has managed events on a national scale, and is never one to turn down a challenge or new opportunity.

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